nother. Do unto others as you would that others shall do unto you,” are the golden words that have esta

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blished it in the world as a living moving power. Of these its soul and life are composed, and these no

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arrow of science can reach. Its dogmas aside, every human being within the precincts of civilization is

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born a Christian, and but for its early perversion at the hands of a crafty priesthood, its intolerant a

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nd cruel career from forced and unworthy association, all men, learned as well as unlearned, would be wo

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rking in its ranks. It came into the world and entered society, making its way from below upward. Lik

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    but little else in our Sacred Book worth preserving, outside the sermon on the mount, and its extensions. It is this natural religion of conscience, encouraging and encouraged by science and
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    reason, which has wrested the control of civilization from ecclesiasticism. Its intellectual strength prevails at last over the intellectual strength of theology; but the unthinking of the
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    multitude are many, and the battle commencing four centuries ago still lingers, theology backed by its weak numbers, its old weapons destroyed, and science by its strong men with searchlight
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    s. But the searchlights of science can not disturb the heart of Christianity. Its doctrine of atonement, destroyed by the established truth of evolution; its account of the creation and t
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